Dessert Heaven in Vaison la Romaine

Jun 12th, 2012 | News, Provencal Cuisine, Shopping

Ever heard this question…  “What’s so special about French Patisseries?”   Take a look at…  La Patisserie Peyrerol in Vaison la Romaine, where every single item is a work of art  ….. and you have the answer!

Let’s browse through this desert lover’s heaven….. can’t hurt your New Year’s resolution too much to look … can it?

….And you ask, “how many miles does this young lady have to walk or run each day, to work here and yet look like she does?!”

but… its good to know that …

There’s chocolate in your future….. Gemini, Taurus or Capricorn? Does it matter when your Zodiac Sign is so beautifully represented in Chocolate marbled with gold leaf …

Here’s to a sweet future…


 … No need to have presents under these Christmas trees … and think how easy the take down is!

Always elegant – but NO, they’re not magnificent pottery sculptures … they are magnificent  CHOCOLATE sculptures – the Boule de Noel
–  when you crack them open at the end of the meal more chocolate goddies spill out!

Desert time! Chocolat Framboises – chocolate mousse, raspberry “marmelade” and praline … that’s just the the desert on the left …. it’s OK … just remember ….there’s lots of good walking and bike riding in Provence too!

Something a little lighter? Try a Verrine …    perhaps a Baba au Rhum or a Pina Colada in a verrine ....

Maybe something with a split personality!  Raspberry Millefeuilles or Macarons filled with Creme a la Rose and Raspberries …

No Patisserie is complete without Pain d’Epice – Spice bread!    A Cafe au lait and a slice of Pain d’Epice …. miam….miam …..

Thinking of warmer places and days …Sunny Gateaux with the scent of the Carribean …..

Pina Colada Mousse on a biscuit base combined with a “caramel exotique” and chrunchy praline! Perfect poolside snacking!

Bonbons de Chocolat Maison … Of course!

Had to try these …. and their Roqufort and Walnut Macarons …. wonder what the seasonal flavor is in early Spring?

You can find all these treats (and more!) just ten minutes drive from our

Provence Vacation Rentals –

 Maison des Pelerins and la Baume des Pelerins in Sablet at:

La Patisserie Peyrerol , 5 cours Henri Fabre, Vaison-la-Romaine, France.

Phone: 04 90 36 04 91

Click here to see Patisserie Peyrerol on a map


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