Pont du Gard

This remarkable structure which spans the Gardon River is a world heritage site. Construction of the aqueduct which began in 50BC on this imposing structure, was completed in 5 years using thousands of men – slaves and professionals (including stone cutters, masons, iron workers and carpenters).

The structure is made up of three levels: the first with six arches; the second with eleven arches; the third level was made up of 47 arches ave 490 meters. It was on the third level that the canal flowed. At the bottom, it measured 275 meters in length, with a height of 48 meters.

The Pont du Gard enabled the people of Nimes to have a plentiful supply of water, thus transforming their lives and contributing to the growth of the city. When the earth shook in Nimes in the 1448 earthquake, this impressive structure stood its ground.