Salon de Provence

The oldest part of Salon is built on a foothill overlooking the narrow streets of the town. The “Chateau de l’Emperi” – the former residence of the Archbishops of Arles, is open to the public for tours after a recent restoration (its previous restoration was in the 13th Century), which has brought this medieval fortress to near perfect condition. From the interior courtyard, you can visit the “Musee de l’Emperi” with more than 30 exhibition rooms.

Salon, which is one of the oldest villages in Provence is surrounded by magnificent countryside where the olive tree is “king”! It is an active, modern town with lots of good shopping, restaurants and cafes.

Amongst its famous citizens, probably the one who stands out as the best known is Nostradamus, the clairvoyant scholar who lived in the town for the last 19 years of his life. His last home is in the old village center on the rue Nostradamus and is open as a public museum.