Lagarde d’Apt

This tiny village is made up of a church, a restaurant and two lavender distilleries – there is no village square, no ancient houses set amongst petite ruelles.  A local family,  farming in this area for more than five generations – the Lincelé family – created the Lavender Museum which is located in the village of Coustellet. Their farm is  “Le Château du Bois”  located at La Garde d’Apt where  they are amongst the largest producers of fine lavender.

If you would like to visit this area during Lavender season – the flowering begins in mid-June and is harvested by the end of July.

Somewhat isolated and completely unspoiled, this area is perfect for hiking, bike riding and nature walks through the magnificent countryside and surrounding fields of lavender, past isolated properties and farms.

At an elevation of 1,256 meters (4,120 feet),the nearby Signal Saint Pierre is the highest point in the “Monts de Vaucluse”.