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Are you visiting Provence and would like to send your friends a Provence eCard?

Are you having a Provence themed party and would like to send your friends a Provence eCard Invitation?

Are you just in a Provence mood and would like to send friends a Provence eCard?

You’re at the right place…

1.  To send a Provence eCard –  (a) Choose your Provence eCard picture,  (to enlarge the picture, just click on the card),   (b)  Fill in the information spaces,  (c) Preview your card,  and  (d)  Send!  Your friends will receive a colorful Provence eCard and your message.

2.  To send the same Provence eCard to more than one friend  – click on the “+” sign beside the box for email addresses. You can send up to 10 cards at one time. Each recipient will receive a card addressed to them individually – not as a part of a group.

3.  To send multiple cards one at a time – after sending each card,  click on the eCards tab in the Menu bar, and you will be right back at the “Send an eCard” page.

Remember!  Before you send your card, you can see what it will look like when it reaches your friends, by  clicking “Preview Your eCard” at the bottom of the pictures.

Feel free to use our Provence eCards as much and as often as you like …it is a complimentary service provided by

We will be changing and adding photographs from time to time – please let us know if there are favorites that you would like to be continuously available.

Hope you enjoy it…      Happy Writing!


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