The northernmost village of the Papal Enclave, two towers dominate the massive ramparts of Grillon. The Vialle district was the founding site for the village and is very typical of feudal town planning.   At the foot of the town walls which encircle the old village is the Place de la Bourgade, shady and tranquil with its fountain.  The château and town ramparts was built in the 12th century to guarantee the security of the village.  The “new” church was built in 1869, and a train station added in 1896 followed by a Town Hall and school in 1900 outside of the Vialle district, but in 1974 the district began a Renaissance with the building of a number of architecturally interesting buildings such as the Maison des Trois Arcs,  Maison Milon and the Maison du Boulanger.