Perched on a hill which overlooks the Luberon plains surrounding the Durance River, Ansoius carries a distinction as one of the most beautiful villages in France. The Château which is the crowning glory of the village is surrounded by beautiful maintained gardens.

The Château dates back to the 10th Century when it was built as a fortress to protect the village against invasion, as it was a particularly good lookout point to keep watch on the main road from Aix en Provence to Apt. Since that time, it has been renovated a number of times – most significantly, in the 12th and 13th Centuries when it was first altered from a simply fortress, to include a Château. It was again renovated in the 15th Century and also the 19th Century.

An unusual feature in Provence, this village with it’s pretty village square lined with narrow ruelles and beautiful, old  village houses is sheltered from the Mistral wind which buffets most of Provence at times mostly during the winter and early spring.

When visiting Ansouis, be sure not to  miss its beautiful medieval 13th-century parish church Saint-Martin; the ramparts and Château; and the Wine and Vineyard Museum at Chateau Turcan (Musée de la vigne et du vin au Château Turcan).