Roaix, one of Provence’s perched villages, with its houses clinging to the hillside produces quality wines which match the character of the the village.  Roaix is the village with the  smallest wine-growing area to have obtained the “Côte du Rhône Village” appellation.

It came into being as the Commandery of the Knights Templar, but  all that now remains of the Commandery is a château in ruins and one tower in good condition.    In the 12th Century the Order of the Knights Templar built a residence for its Grand master at Roaix and vines were cultivated on its lands.   Following the dissolution of the Order, Roaix became papal lands and under this patronage gained new renown, culminating in 1967 when it was consecrated Côtes du Rhône Villages Roaix.

As is common with many ancient villages in Provence, the village is divided into two sections:

– The first part is the old village high up on the hillside, with its privately-owned château surrounded by a few houses.

– The second part is at the bottom of the hill, and extends to the banks of the Ouvèze.