Dear Marlene

I hope you will have a good St. Patrick’s Day. Because the weather is difficult, I won’t go to the Parade today. I just saw that Daylight Savings Time is going to happen on the 12th. Good thing I saw this.

Mitch and Amy are moving today. They loaded their things in a small trailer attached to their SUV. They didn’t tell me they were moving now. They didn’t say goodbye. I felt bad. Their furniture was very nice.

I am wondering who they sold the house to. I am very nervous because I have gone through so much with the trouble in this neighborhood since I moved here 3 years ago. I hope that I get a nice neighbor.

Dan bought a different Lexus. It’s white and looks just like the black one he had. I helped Barbara to connect with the Public Library so she could sell Lisa’a Madame Alexander Doll Collection. I hope one day, Barbara will hire a company to clear out her Silver St. building and then sell it. She is at the later journey of life. I want her to be able to have the control of dealing with this building herself when she is able to do this.

I really look forward to spring. The flowers, Easter, etc. It’s just much easier than now. I’ll keep in touch.
All My Love,

Patricia McHugh