Dear Olivia McCray

Thanks for emailing me. I’m praying for you each day.

My leg is wrapped in a big, white, fluffy, bear bandage today. The nurse at the Doctor’s office did it. He was not there to my great disappointment. I’ll go tomorrow to see him. It’s more of the same with New York City very difficult medical treatment. Nothing here is easy unless you have millions.

I’m scared but I’m trying to do my best. I’ve elevated my leg all day. I rested. So I can’t do anything more. I finished my dress, the lavender linen. It feels so good next to my skin. It’s just a plain, lose, little thing but it feels so good. It’s very long and covers up my leg problem a lot.

I look forward to St. Patrick’s Day this Thursday. I’ll go to the parade on 5th Ave. for a little bit. I shouldn’t stand too long. I’ll try to wear something festive. You know blue used to be the color for St. Patrick’s Day long ago.

I’m in the computer lab. I just wanted to stop by to see if you were here. But no…I think you have a class tonight and are very busy with that.
Let me know how you are. Here’s to the dancing girl!

Patricia McHugh