Dear Carol

Happy New Year Carol. To open the email I sent, click on : cliquez ici pour revoir cette Dromacarte. If you deleted it, don’t worry.

I’m so proud of you. Getting through Christmas is not easy. I also like your understanding that it’s best to tackle chores one step at a time. I was alone for Christmas It just turned out that way and I had to accept it. I did and the day went by quickly as I prepared my feast.

I watched Christmas Mass at the Vatican with the Pope, because the weather was too bad for me to go to church. This was very hard for me to accept but my safety came first.

I’ll be very glad when we get to May. Usually it is better weather then. I’m so glad I came back to Rochester. My life is simple and good.

Remember that I think of you often and if you need to talk or reach out to me for support that I am here for you.
All My Love.