Joy! Sheila Ross

I didn’t know that you were going to retire. I’m so glad that I received the email that explained this. It was also nice to hear that Malik will carry it on.

All the years that I went to your Zen classes benefited me. They helped to clear my mind and calm me down. When we were able to speak individually to the Zen Instructor who was thin and wore jeans that visited each year, he helped to comfort and confirm me. He respected me always and my concerns.

You were wonderful Sheila. You were always steady, reliable, teaching with skill and kindness to all. We all came there with our different life’s journey and you were open to all.

I will miss you very much. You see Campus Ministry during the time of Fr. Damian and Joan was very important to me. In the beginning, I asked Fr. Damian permission to come to Mass in the Chapel. He welcomed me generously. His sermons helped me so much. He showed me that there were still very good things about the Catholic faith. He lived his priestly life in a very respectful manner and was so good to so many who needed to pour out their hearts to him. You were also an important part of my life when I began to go to the Zen class. All of these activities raised up my life during a time when I was ending my work life and going into retirement. I was with wonderful people. It was a joy and so are you.

I wonder if you’re going back to England. I wish you only happiness. You lived your life so well each day when you were at Fordham. You just did your best each day. You were careful to respect all, to speak your mind, to engage in wonderful conversation and to surround yourself with fine people. You effected me a lot Sheila. You were a role model for me.

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With Lots of Love,
Patricia McHugh