Dear Mary Ellen

Thank you so much for the financial gift for my Birthday Mary Ellen. I wanted you to know that I got it safe and sound.The card of seashells was beautiful. I too love them as much as you. When I received my undergraduate degree from Nazareth College I went on a vacation to Cape Cod. I visited a spectacular beach at Sandwich, Massachusetts. I took home lovely seashells and cherished them. Google Sandwich, Massachusetts if you like and see how nice it is.

I hope that you’re well. I hope that you have been having good days this summer by yourself and with Ian and Courtney too. Please thank them for the beautiful card. I send all my love to all of you.

Don’t ever feel pressured about a gift for me on any occasion. I’m retired on a tiny budget and know and understand what it is to try to manage financially at this time in our lives as single women. You are very thoughtful to me in this regard and I would never want you to worry over it or be concerned about it in any way. I don’t want you to worry if you’re late sending something to me. We are all human and doing our best.

With a Good Heart…