Dear Pat

I called all the Park Ave., etc. Landlords. So far nothing has clicked All very nice. Left all my contact info if they have a rental for me in the future.

Rochester was just accessed and they raised taxes by 20%. This raised the rental fees. I was glad to find this out.

The old Park Ave. Hospital is now apartments for the disabled.

I wanted to make sure I followed up with you after all the hard work you did with me yesterday. Thank you so much. I also got good, professional advice on how to handle my sisters per their skull duggery. I don’t feel scared anymore.

Be careful with the fish fry from Bill Gray’s. The coleslaw was spoiled and the fish was not that great…just regular size and not too fresh and thick like haddock. I wondered if it was frozen. The onion rings weren’t that great. Not too much flavor.

You were so good to me yesterday. I also want to thank you for your tips to me when I had an urinary tract infection. I also hope your bread was delicious.

Time to go for now. I will keep in touch so you know how it’s going and don’t worry. Love…

Patricia McHugh