Dear Kathy

Thinking of you often Kathy. I hope you, your husband and family are well. I’m enjoying many wonderful lectures and conferences at Columbia University and Fordham University, etc. I’ve been so lucky all these years to be able to attend them and hear some of the greatest minds in the world on so many topics. I especially love to go to the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia. I was always very cerebral and I haven’t changed. As long as I get that satisfied I’m happy. I also go to the Law School at these 2 universities often. I’ve always loved the law. Medicine was another field I loved. A special treat is when I’m able to attend a lecture or conference at the UN. Sometimes sitting in the newly preserved General Assembly Hall is almost like a fantasy. It is so powerful and beautiful. We saw it so often when Reporter Pauline Fredericks would report on Black and White television from the UN. It shaped my childhood so much. That was when the UN was sacred.

I still am almost in disbelief that Sue Schickler has died. I didn’t know about her having cancer so it was very unexpected for me. She was so good to me. I was so lucky to have her in my life as a teen. I consider that time of life still part of childhood.

I’m sending prayers each day for you, your husband and your family…and my love.