Dear Olivia

I was very happy to receive your email. Thanks! I’m glad that you’re frequently in your favorite library spot and doing some work on your book. I also hope that someone will open the door to you about a job. I’m sure that that will make you feel much better. Just the load off your mind about financial stress will be huge.

I’m expecting a lot of Police for the Gay Parade and other activities connected with it. With the Orlando shootings, Police Commisioner Bill Bratton has certainly upped the police surveillance. Last night a man dozed momentarily on the train and the police took him off the train and really gave him a hard time. It appeared that the conductor called the police. You could see that there’s a higher level of policing right now. I also noticed that the police were really rushing and more agitated than usual. You can see that they have been given orders to be tougher on the NYC citizens.

It’s so hard here. All this pressure all the time. It’s very tiring. 9/11 began a terrible time of over policing in our city and making too many overly aggressive decisions about the way the City is run. I’m lucky that I was here before 9/11 so that at least I knew New York without that horrible scar.

Well I’ve been reading the National Catholic Register, a newspaper which covers the Pope and the Vatican and International News and National News in relation to Catholicism. I like to read it because for example there’s a new movie about St. John Paul II and Communism. I just might not get that news as fast if I didn’t read it. I’ve always wanted to know more about his relationship with the Communists.

Thank God he spoke in Poland and told the Polish people not to be afraid. They were so scared and they were very, very close to him. I was with all the Poles when he died. They had a Polish Mass for him at my parish, St. Patrick’s Cathedral and 2 thousand or more Poles attended. They were weeping…I mean sobbing and sobbing. It was a great Mass because they poured their hearts out to Our Lord to help them. They didn’t know if they could go on without him. Communism had fallen and then he died and they had gone through so much. They were really, really fragile.

The Poles are doing well. They are working hard as they always do and of course they’ve had their ups and downs with their government, but Poland is going forward…unlike Russia. When I talk to them, they have a happiness and pride in being Polish now. I’m so happy for them. Their Polish History is very, very sad.

Time to stop and let you get your dinner or take a stroll or get a coffee at your favorite Starbucks. Keep it goin’ kid!