Dear Virginia

Thank you very much for your email. I’ll write Pope Francis and ask him to pray for our family. I didn’t see the Pope on his visit. St. Patrick’s was really reserved for 2,500 clergy. I decided that I shouldn’t try to see him because you had to stand for about 4 hours in Central Park before he drove by. I am very happy that I didn’t do that. The crowd was very cramped and I feel I did the right thing. The security was the highest except for 9/11 when they really closed the city in the first day.

I think the Pope did a lot of good when he came here. I went to Mass today, Sunday at St. Patrick’s and it was just beautiful inside and everyone was so happy that he’d come.

I had bought my shoes as I told you I would do so I will mail back your Money Order to me. Don’t feel bad or insulted in any way. You were just trying to be a good sister.

With All of My Love,