My Dear Patricia, Patricia McHugh

Thank you for your response. I do not know when the Gay Parade is happening or if that date has passed. You are correct that NYC changed after 9/11. I think it would have had to change no matter what – if fact I felt that way long before the invasion. It is simply that the makeup of the American or those people living in the United States changed drastically. When you have foreigners moving around in and out of any country you have to tighten up your security. Nationalism happens in those instances. You have to be American or not and stay in or out as far as I am concerned. I am happy that Obama’s immigration plan failed. Enough is enough. The country can’t take care of its own citizens – which is what causes them to revolt and do crazy horrible things. They are unhappy – no money – no middle class living. There is so much wrong with this country following that horrible rescission that he (or any one else) would have to insane to think of bringing millions more here. Who can take care of them? No one. Hope to see you in person soon.

Warmest personal regards,


Big Hug,,
Olivia McCray