Merry Christmas Gary and Tina Gary and Tina

We think about you more than you might think, for a variety of reasons.

Tonight I thought about you for a reason that was both trivial and really serious. I only have a Margarita about twice of three times a year, but tonight was the night. The tequila was probably too good for a Margarita, but – it was all that I had. My memory took me back to when we first visited your house in New Plymouth.

We arrived, a little late – inevitably Marianne’s doing. There was a bunch of people there whom we hardly knew; but all Mexican food lovers.

As I walked in the door, you, Gary, welcomed us and then said “Let me get you a drink”. I said, Gary, how do you know what I want to drink? and you simply said “Let me get you a drink”. I said “Gary, I don’t drink spririts, just beer and wind. You just repeated “Let me get you a drink”.

I saw you in the kitchen pouring, adding ice and shaking vigorously. You returned and placed our glasses carefully in our hands. I tasted this odd affair. Inevitably, I tasted it a little too vigorously. This small glass was gone is a few sips, not Marianne’s.

The next time I saw you, the whole effect had been experienced. Odd it was, but pretty good I thought. So, I said “Gary, that was not too bad, could I have another.” You cautioned me, but to no effect.

The mixing process was repeated and you returned.

I will not try to put into print your – to an Australian – very slow articulation, but “Here y’are Gerry – – – This’ll set you free.”

Indeed it did.

I still remember the mix from that night. 3 parts T, 1 part fresh lime and 1/3 part Cointreau or triple sec.

Nowhere in the world do people know how to mix Margaratas. Except for you and me Gary, as far as I know. I have drunk a lot of b a a a a d Margaritas trying to fine the authentic one. Even when I give them the recipe, they won’t do it.

Gary, I feel pretty good just now, so thank you.

Tina – don’t get the feeling that I don’t remember your meal just as well. I do. Marianne also remembers a lot of your advice. We even hosted a Mexican meal in a small village on top of a hill in France, where we have a place. The food was very well appreciated, but the Margaritas caused a bit of a problem.

Merry Christmas to you both and your boys.

We hope that life is very good to you all.

From some people who still consider you as friends, from a long time back. ,
Gerry and Marianne