Dear Justin

I was thinking of you often lately. I’m ok. I’ve been going to SIPA as always. They addressed the Raping of women in Kosovo during the war. They talked about an Art Project called Thinking of You, a film. A strong attempt to start to deal with these horrific crimes. I also went to the memorial for Cathy, the former director of the Harriman Institute who died last March. It was a fabulous salute to her. I was so lucky to just be around her at all of those programs for all of those years. A huge turnout for her.

How are you? And the job? Are the people nice? Is it good to be near your family? My niece lives in Tiburon. She lives next door to Robin Williams and now just his wife. He was a wonderful neighbor to them. I hope that you are finding your way in the world. After graduate school it’s not easy to start into your work life. It’s a transition. It’s a beast all to itself and it’s very different from being in school.

I’ll close for now and know that I think of you and pray for you.
With Peace