Bonjour! Marianne & Gerard

We have had a fabulous time in La Baume! We are single-handedly eating our way through the Provence, we have seen things we’ve never visited, and in general we are loving it like always. We visited the synagogue in Carpentras, went to Fontaine de Vaucluse, the marche in Vaison, stopped in Crestet and Suzette, we did Hugo’s winery tour at Mourchon, and we’ve wandered around Sablet. Today we drove to the top of Mont Ventoux and succeeded in not running over a bicyclist or driving off the mountain!
The changes here are just perfect. The new bathroom is beautifully done and it really adds to the house. We have enjoyed the table tennis in the cave too. In fact, we’ve invented a new version that we are calling Extreme Table Tennis. This is an enlarged 3-D version of the original. One can use the walls, the ceiling, the floor AND the table. It might be good for helmets to be donned for the team in the back by the natural wall. Necessity is the mother of invention….
Thank you so much!

With gratitude!! The Baxters,
Diane Baxter