Dear Virginia

Thank you for the copy of Mother’s Will. I wanted you to know that I received it safe and sound. I feel much better now having it and it helps me to put more closure on her death.

I finally got the 18th and last cast off of my leg after 5 months of treatment. My leg is healed and I’m doing fine. It will be a lifelong situation and I’ll just do the best I can. I’m trying to accept this and incorporate it into my life. I’d say I’m doing pretty well about it at this point.

I hope that your wrist has been healing. We McHughs are very strong and we were so strong when we were young that it’s hard to understand that we’re not quite that strong now that we’ve aged. I’m grateful that I experienced such extreme German, Irish and Dutch physical strength. We were like Uncle Tenoos on the Danny Thomas Show: “Strong, like bull!” So I just hope you’re encouraged that you’ve got some healing time in on that injury.

I’m glad that you enjoy your job and that you like that little Bed and Breakfast place and all the great minds around you. It’s right to be stimulated all our lives until the day we die. They are so lucky to have you. I hope you will write your biography. I’m sure that many in the field of Montessori would relish knowing more about you and your lifetime of work. It’s always nice to have present day books that live with the Dr. Maria Montessori message. What is there from the past is good but it’s very important to keep writing about Montessori and how she touches our lives today. I’m sure that when you first learned about her at Windsor, you were curious. But then you began to study and become so much more serious about the benefits of her life’s work. People need to know about this. Video, Music, Technology, The Written Word, Interviews of others in the field can be possible ways to capture what this did to you. There is no one else who has the template that you possess.

Please say hello to Gary. Make sure that you both look up at the sky each night. It’s very important to look at the stars and the moon and savor this magnificence. Sometimes we are so busy that we stop looking up at the sky at night. I’ve always felt that God gave us this very special night sky and we must honor it.
With all my love.