Dear Donna

I’m thinking of you today. I hope that your Thanksgiving was nice. I stayed in New York. It’s my favorite holiday. The Mass at St. Paul’s was beautiful. The songs were wonderful to sing and I love to sing. My Mother and Father had beautiful voices. Mother died 6 years ago and I really miss her. Dad died several years before Mother. He sang on his workbench every day after work. He sang a lot of WWII torch songs. I listened and started to sing them myself. He loved Jazz and took his 5 daughters out to Jazz nightclubs to teach us about this great type of music. He had a Jazz Record Collection and his favorite Jazz Artist was Marion McPartland, an English Jazz pianist. She was tall and slender and very energetic. She’s died now. She served in WWII and married Jimmy McPartland another Jazz Artist.

I’ll be going home for Christmas. I’ll be staying at my sister’s house. I’m going to go to the Garment District this week and buy material to make a very fancy Christmas dress. The style will be a caftan but the material will be the fancy part.

Enough for now. I wish you well and want you to know that you’re not alone. May this special time of grieving be of your making. May the road that you chart for yourself continue to move toward greater and greater healing. May you acquire more and more comfort as you go through this time. You’re very well liked Donna by those that you work with and the students. We care about you and it’s important that you know. You are amidst a loving community who recognize your hard work and loving spirit.
I’m sending you my kindness.