Dear Mary Lou

Yes, I would love your 5 year old, Dell Desktop Computer Mary Lou. Thank you for thinking of me. Can you help me? How do you hook it up so that it runs properly here. My landlady said that my apartment here has WiFi. It is a basement that has been converted into an apartment. It is the whole basement floor.

Would it be expensive? Would I have to have a separate account for the electric bill? My use is general use to search for an apartment and sending a regular amount of emails.

Would I just plug it in and it would be ready to use or do you have to pay for a technology expert to connect it? There is a TV in my apartment that is set up using Dish. If you have other questions, please feel free to ask. My phone number is: 698-7401. If I don’t answer, you can leave a message. I look forward to working this out.

I am living at:

59 Creekside Dr.
Rocherster, NY, 14622

This is East Irondequoit


-Go to Irondequoit Shopping Plaza in West Irondequoit.
-Drive straight ahead to Titus Ave.
-Turn right
-Continue on Titus
-Pass the Town Hall on left
-Continue to Ellinwood
-Turn right
-First street on right is Creekside Dr.
-59 Creekside Dr. is just around the bend on the right.

The house is a ranch, pale yellow with maroon shudders.
The landlady asks that my visitors park in the street only. I live in the back. You walk to the left at the top of the driveway where it has a small Garden flag. Walk down this red, brick path to the end. Then turn right straight to my door with the welcome mat. Knock loudly on the door and I’ll come.

I couldn’t believe you contacted me at the same time I was emailing you and your brother an ecard. Telepathy!

Patricia McHugh