Dear Monika

I was very happy to meet you today at the Cloisters. I liked the work that you’re doing and enjoyed talking to you about it. I found my group from Trinity Wall St. Church after I left you and they were going back so I boarded the bus with them. I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to hear your special program information. Our group was very late and off schedule and they had to rush through. I hope I’ll be able to see you again and learn more from you when you speak.

I hope that you have the most wonderful time in Berlin next week. I’m so happy that you can go back at least to visit your birth city. I know that it was awful during the war but Germany has made great strides to apologize and heal. It is getting better now for Germany. I think that they’ve shown the world that they are financially generous when the European nations are in need and that they have a heart for the Refugees. No nation is perfect. I never thought I would say this, but I think although Germany will always bear the burden of World War II, I think that they also will continue to be an accepted part of the world and lose some of the horrible stigma of World War II. They seem to be in a different period of time now where they are less inhibited by it. They also have a voice now and are using it. I know that they are very, very careful about their diplomacy and what they say but at least they are speaking and present now.

So off you go for a great time and I’ll continue to email you.
With Peace,
Patricia McHugh, MLS
Public Librarian (Retired)
American Library Association

Eucharistic Minister
Trained at:
Fordham University
Lincoln Center
Office of Campus Ministry
New York, NY

Patricia McHugh